As A Competitor, Are You Satisfied With Your Current Level Of Competitive Fire?
How To Rapidly Become A Competitive Monster, Dominate Competition And Never Lose When It Matters Most
Give me 33 Minutes to show you how to How To Effortlessly Dominate every Competition 

Do You Want to Be A Competitor With the fire to consistently Let The DOG Out In Competition?

When Pro Competitors Have Competitive Fire Problems, Here's What They Do ... And it's Guaranteed!

do you have enough competitive fire?
Are You Bringing Your DOG Out when You Want?
This 33-minute masterClass will help you to... 
  • Have The Mental Habits To Dominate Competition Consistently... 
  • Avoid Losing When It Matters Most... 
  • ​Learn The Real SECRET For Letting The "DOG" Out In Competition... 
  • ​Learn How To Have The Sharpest Mental Edge Of Anyone You Compete Against... 
  • ​Effortlessly Bring Your DOG Out In Every Game And Practice
  • Quickly Snap Into Your Ideal Competitive Mindset
  • Escape The Low-Energy Days Where You Don't Feel Like Grinding
  • STOP Worrying About What Your Competition Is Doing Or How They Could Possibly Defeat You
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 what people are saying...
I wanted to let you know that I love what you're doing. I haven't heard all of your podcasts yet but I'm working my way through them. I'm an athlete from a different perspective, I'm a barrel racer. I ride horses and compete in rodeo. Although a majority of sport talk you use or work with is Basketball, I can understand everything and can use it to help myself. It's actually helps me think outside the box because I can't just copy and paste the situation from whatever you may be talking about to what I'm going through. You have made me more disciplined in myself and the work I need to do to become better every day. I greatly appreciate what you do.

- Caitlin Collins
I have been listening to you for a while now and you've opened up my eyes a lot as a person and made me more competitive as a basketball player. Thank you so much for everything that you do. Much love and respect fam.

- Mahmoud Abdelhamid
Your comments about it being such a competitive world also woke me up a lot. For a long time I ignored the reality that there are a million other people with my same goals simply because I couldn’t see them. I think differently now, and I consider what the person who’s done what I want to do would be doing if they were in my situation. 

- Miles Richardson
Dre, I'm a Freshman in High School. In recent season, I played on the Freshman B team which is like the back up team for the Freshman players. I've been watching your videos since the off-season started and you have really taught me how to be dedicated to the game, and how to make no excuses when I'm out there competing. The Head Varsity coach at my school offered me to come play with the Varsity team in the Summer League when he caught me playing in gym class. In a span of two months, I've developed my game to multiple levels and I really want to thank you for doing this, because to be brutally honest, I could've have done this without you. I'll be sure to continue to work hard in school and on the court and hopefully I'll make it one day. Thanks brotha, and God Bless 

- JarMan210 
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